One Way Out

I’ve been stripping doors again.

how to restore a door

That’s right — less than one year after I found myself in the fetal position, crying and swearing that I would never again strip another door, I have somehow managed to strip and refinish the doors in The Boom Boom Room.  And that means that today’s rock-and-roll inspiration comes from The Allman Brothers.

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Popcorn Be Gone! (and other awesome ceiling transformations.)

I would like to take a moment to introduce you guys to a little thing called Hometalk.  For those of you who haven’t heard of Hometalk, I think it can best be explained like this:  If Pinterest and Facebook got together and had a love child, and that child only ever talked about home-and-garden related topics, and you used that child to “clip stories” instead of “pinning images,” that would be Hometalk.

It’s pretty great.

Every once in a while, I’ll take a blog post that I’m particularly fond of and rewrite it a little bit for my Hometalk profile.  Because if there’s one thing I like more than talking about myself, it’s talking about myself more and on different media outlets.Continue Reading

Gold on the Ceiling

Imagine this, if you will:  Chris is outside, mowing the lawn, wearing earbuds, minding his own business, just doin’ chores and listenin’ to tunes.  Suddenly, I come running out of the house and scare the crap out of him because he’s totally not expecting to see me outside of the house in my pajamas at 2 in the afternoon.

“Hey, Craigslist Master!  I need you to find something for me.”

Chris: (removes his earbuds and shuts down the lawn mower in a patient and not-at-all annoyed manner, as if to say, “Go on.”)

Me:  “I need you to find me a bunch of cheap microphones.”

Chris:  “Okay………..I’m kind of busy…”

Me:  “I don’t need them right now.  I’m just telling you now, before I forget.  There’s plenty of time.  I just know it takes time to find good deals on stuff.  So, you know…keep your eyes open.”

Chris:  “Okay…………Like, how many is ‘a bunch’  Like, 5 or 6?”

Me:  “I don’t know, as many as you can find?  Like, 20?  Maybe more?”

Chris: (gives me a look that I will interpret here as, “20 microphones?  You think it’s that easy to find 20 microphones just lying around?”)

Me:  “If it makes it easier, they don’t have to all look the same.  Because I’m going to spray paint them all.  Gold.  Also, they don’t actually have to be working microphones.  They just have to look like microphones.  Like microphone skeletons, that’s all I really need.”

Chris:  (I have to give him credit, he held off asking this for waaaay longer than I thought he would) “WHY?”

This is why:

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Magic Carpet Ride

I painted the carpet in The Boom Boom Room!

That’s not a euphemism.

painted carpet, before and after

You know, this may surprise some of you, but when you tell people that you are going to paint a carpet, the most common reaction is a mixture of doubt and disbelief, with a little bit of “I’m not sure I heard that correctly” thrown in for good measure.

Of course, there are some of you that would be like, “Of COURSE you’re going to paint the carpet!  Because it will look TOTALLY RAD!!”

You people — the people who think that — you get it.  You are my people.  Because it looks totally freakin’ rad.

painted carpet with stencils

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Ardex counters: the honeymoon is over.

These are my Ardex counter tops.

Ardex counters

You may remember them from such posts as Faux-Crete Counters (From Scratch!) and To Faux-crete or not to Faux-crete?  They were super easy, super fast, super DIY-friendly, and — my personal favorite — super cheap.  I still appreciate them, for all of those reasons.  But do I still love them?

Folks, it’s been over a year since we built these counters and skim-coated them with Ardex, and I’m here today to tell you: the honeymoon is over.

Thanks to the magic of the internet, I’ve recorded everything important that I’ve ever said about how awesome it is to skim-coat your counter tops with concrete, even if it scratches really easily.  For instance, at the end of my last post on this subject, I included this little gem:

And you know what?  I just realized that if it gets really bad, I could always strip the wax and put on a new coat of Ardex.  It would be a one-day project, because the Ardex is so easy (and I have half a bag left over).

Well, last weekend, I’d finally had enough of the scratches, and I decided it was time to test this optimistic theory.

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Europe Lite

“Luxembourg: It’s Europe Lite.  They speak English.  They have kebobs.  The beer is shit.” — Mike B.

Luxembourg 6

And for the record, “kebobs” in Europe are actually gyros.

Also for the record, I don’t personally have anything against European beer.  What it lacks in hops, it makes up for in being the only beer available in Europe.  Luckily, Europe makes good wine.Continue Reading

The 3044 Special.

A long time ago, in a blog post far, far away, we moved our back door.  And when the door went, our house numbers went with it.

two back doors

Recently, Chris decided it was time to put the house numbers back up.  Now watch as I create an ENTIRE POST out of something as simple as installing house numbers.

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Dark Side of the Moon

There are two things we need to address today.  1)  This wall, which I left unpainted last time.

primed and ready for paint

And 2) Today’s rock-and-roll inspiration: the 1973 album from progressive rock band Pink Floyd.  Side note: my favorite song off the album?  Money.

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White Wedding

I have to tell you something important.  Months and months and months ago, I showed you this picture:

music room makeover

I spent hours learning Photoshop just to make that picture, just to show Chris, just in an attempt to convince him that “look how tastefully and simply I could makeover your room, if you just let me make you this desk and shelves.”  And it worked.

plywood strip desk 3

But.  “Tasteful” and “simple” are not words I’d often choose to describe my ideas.  And as you may have noticed, that Photoshopped image above does not exactly scream “ROCK AND ROLL!!!”

Now that I have the desk, and the popcorn ceiling is gone, and painting is imminent, it’s time to pull the old bait-and-switch.Continue Reading

The Sexnasium?


pop quiz

Yoink! from here.


What is the most tedious, messiest, most boring but somehow also most irritating DIY job you can think of?  Is it:

A)  Removing popcorn ceiling
B)  Mudding, taping, and sanding drywall
C)  A combination of A and B
D)  What…?  Oh, shit.  It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been out of school, and I was never good at pop quizzes, and it’s Saturday morning and I came here looking for something light and humorous and I thought maybe this post was going to be about Speed which is one of the greatest Keanu Reeves movies of all time if you don’t count Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and now there’s a FREAKING QUIZ??  NOBODY TOLD ME!!  I DIDN’T EVEN STUDY!!!

If you chose D, settle down.  I play favorites, so your actual grade is based on whether or not you read this post all the way to the end.

I WILL KNOW if you finish it.

I'm watching you.

Yoink! from here.

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